10 DIY Pallet Bed Frames

repurposed pallet chic bed

Bed is most extensive component of bedroom and is available in market in variety of styles and designs. Many of us cannot afford that industrial prices and rates so most of us become deprived of a serene type of a bed. We have here some suggestions about wood recycling that can make you get with… [Read More]

15 Unique DIY Wooden Pallet Bed Ideas

elegant bed frame made of pallets

While you are decorating your newly built bedroom the item you will find the most expensive is the bed. If you really want a luxuriant and premium version of your bed from the market it may a cause a much heavy load on your wallet. But the worth of a bed in home cannot be… [Read More]

15 DIY Outdoor Pallet Sofa Ideas

repurposed pallet patio sofa sitting

Do you really want to renovate your patio for occasional sitting? Don’t worry about the budget we are sure that your will find these 15 DIY outdoor pallet sofa ideas affordable and highly luxurious. Pallet wood has been reclaimed for the required furniture elegance and comfort has been by making the pallet sofa frames, padded,… [Read More]

DIY Flower Pot with Sweater

DIY Flower Pot with Sweater

Useless things can  be reused to explore the new creative ways of crafting for commendable structures out of them. We have used here a unworthy sweater piece with some Japanese leaf pattern and some paint to create an artful view of this DIY sweater flower pot which is really a piece of accent. We have… [Read More]

Simple DIY Storage Coffee Table

DIY Storage Coffee Table

Just hold your breath downs, the heart touching appearance of this chocolate DIY storage coffee table can make you dizzy while you will see it very first time. Is not it stunning? We have salvaged this dark brown table delight with some rustic sheets of birch plywood and some brass metal scrap. It was just… [Read More]

DIY Bedside Table: Ikea Hack

diy bedside table ikea

In this DIY craft project we have refurbished a pair of beside tables which we got from the sale point at a near one shop. We got them on a very low rates and then really changed them into DIY bedside tables which have a very gift-worthy nature. These table were looking rustic and classical… [Read More]

DIY: Modern Coffee Table


Useless and unworthy objects around can let to get some really appreciated and serviceable structures if you a little bit attentive to them. Here we have reclaimed some danish table pine legs and a round table top to get a dainty piece of DIY modern coffee table for our living room. Salvaged circular top has… [Read More]

How to Paint Fabric Drawers: Sofa Side Table

Before and After Side table

We just have a little cabinet with multiple fabric drawers, we just wanted to make them a little bit hard and so that they would be not easy to be twisted or molded. We just make them capable for storage and attain a beauteous DIY pallet sofa side table by just painting that fabric drawers… [Read More]

20 Unique DIY Crochet Patterns

chic weekend shawl pattern

Crochet is basically the fabric which is made of yarn and thread in some artful patterns. Crocheting is just like the knitting but the stitches are little bit bigger and finally we wrapped them around a hooked needle. Crocheting has a very prominent position in handcrafting and now we are with really arresting 20 DIY… [Read More]

Make Your Own DIY Jewelry: 10 Jewelry Fashion Projects

handmade rope and metal ring necklace

In this modern age of fashion everybody wishes to look unique and different. In each fashion aspect whether it is related to footwear and jewelry or new collection of modern dresses, people take great interest. The prices and rates of that premium dresses and jewelry are just unbearable. We have here 10 DIY jewelry fashion… [Read More]