DIY Painters Cloth Pillow Cover

handmade painter's cloth pillow cover

We do not born creative, creativity comes from watching the versatile behaviors of nature and continuous thinking. This time we have played again creatively with an ordinary stuff, we have reclaimed a painter’s cloth to dignify the behavior of our pillows with this DIY painters cloth pillow cover plan. We sewed a pillow cover from… [Read More]

DIY Ottoman from Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Table Ottoman

Ottomans are a very important and extensive piece of home furniture and has a very supporting role. Ottomans mostly meet around the living room sofa and support very well the beverage and coffee in the living room. We have turned a coffee table in to a DIY ottoman design by making it tufted and upholstered… [Read More]

DIY Rustic Wood Furniture for Outdoor

Outdoor DIY Bench

Wood crafting and reclaiming has a plenty of DIY furniture ideas to make you get with you favorite one. Here we are with an great inspiration of recycled furniture and hope you will like it very much. We have shaped up DIY rustic wood furniture for outdoor out of weathered and aged wood recycling at… [Read More]

DIY T-Shirt Fabric Tag

diy t-shirt fabric tag idea

We have gone here a very clever upcycling of an old and ordinary t shirt, we have done here an arresting DIY t shirt fabric tag project which held much precious and likeable to us. This was a very wise and artful DIY idea that made our shirt more more amusing and fashionable. We have… [Read More]

DIY Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

upcycled wood raised bed vegetable garden

Here we have some appreciated scheme and some really thrifty DIY garden ideas to have cool garden stuff. We have reclaimed some of ordinary wood lying around and styled our garden space with DIY raised bed vegetable garden which provide a very cool and secured way to get fresh vegetables. You can plan them according… [Read More]

DIY Test Tubes Wall Hanging Lilies Vases

handmade test tube vases

If you are searching some cool and artistic home decor plans with natural garnishing then this idea of DIY test tube wall hanging lilies vases will be rocking to accent the home walls. We have used the test tubes as perfect vases for lilies in this DIY vases idea, but how to hang them on… [Read More]

DIY Brush Painted Pillow Covers

hand printed pillow covers

We sewed the pillows covers recently with white cloth, we just want a graceful texture on them to have them beautified according to room theme. We make use of acrylic paints and some brush tools in different sizes to have these DIY brush painted pillow covers by just adding few random and twisted brush strokes…. [Read More]

DIY Herb Garden for Interior Use

reclaimed wooden drawer herb garden

You just need a creative vision that can make you get with some really extraordinary and DIY home decor out of useless and unworthy household stuff. Here we have reclaimed an old drawers from collapsed furniture scrap to get a perfect DIY herb garden for indoor use. We added a layer of rock stones first… [Read More]

DIY Reclaimed Fabric Vases

upcycled vases diy

Here we are with perfect DIY home decor ideas which we have done with some old vases got from the store sales. We have done nothing special but use the ordinary stuff in wise and creative way that came up with an nice DIY craft which can compliment the whole room ambiance greatly especially the… [Read More]

DIY Paper Wall lamp

handmade paper wall lamp

Some clever strokes of thinking can change an useless and ordinary thing to an extraordinary centerpiece. Here we are with just such an example which is a very new addition to DIY and crafts ideas originated from ordinary stuff. We have wisely designed a DIY paper wall lamp which is much in grace and have really… [Read More]